Shatta Wale fires back at his mum for revealing that he has abandoned her for the past 10 years – Video

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Shatta Wale, the acclaimed Ghanaian dancehall artist, has finally addressed the allegations made by his biological mother, Madam Evelyn, who has accused him of neglecting her for the past 10 years.

In a recent emotional video, Madam Evelyn revealed her deteriorating health and financial struggles, claiming she had not seen or spoken to her son in a decade.

Madam Evelyn’s video, which quickly went viral, painted a bleak picture of her current state.

She expressed an urgent need for financial assistance, stating that she has been bedridden and unable to afford necessary medications.

Her emotional plea garnered widespread sympathy and support from the public, who called on Shatta Wale to take responsibility and support his mother.

In a fiery response, Shatta Wale expressed his deep disappointment and frustration with his mother for airing their family issues publicly.

He accused her of tarnishing his image and making him appear as a neglectful son in the eyes of the public.

“I’m completely disappointed in my mother for coming out to make these accusations,” Shatta Wale stated.

“She has dissed me to my uncles and other family members, and now she’s bringing our family issues to the public. This is not the way to handle family matters.”

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