Socrates Sarfo hints at replying to Yvonne Nelson’s accusation in his yet-to-be-released book

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Renowned Ghanaian film producer and director, Socrates Sarfo has recently revealed his intentions to respond to the allegations made against him by actress Yvonne Nelson in her memoir.

In his own forthcoming book, Safo plans to address the claims and reveal what actually happened.

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Nelson’s memoir, released last month, caused a stir within the entertainment industry as she candidly disclosed that certain producers in the Ghanaian film industry had attempted to dissuade her from participating in various projects.

The actress, also involved in business ventures, shared a distressing incident involving Socrates Safo and Abdul Salam, both esteemed film producers.

According to Nelson’s memoir, Abdul Salam expressed an interest in collaborating with her on a film project after several other producers had tried to hinder her career progress.

However, Socrates Sarfo, who once extended an invitation to her for dinner, disparaged Salam in an effort to ruin his image.

Speaking on UTV’s United Showbiz last Saturday, July 8, 2023, Socrates Safo stated that he plans to publish a book in which he would address the allegations in Yvonne Nelson’s memoir.

“I want her to answer the question about whether the dinner took place. I will also reply to her in the book I am writing,” he noted.

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