Stop Asking Dumb Questions – Actress Baby Blanche To Journalists

Baby Blanche

Actress and movie producer Baby Blanche has expressed her displeasure at some journalist for what she describes as their persistent desire to ask “Dumb” question. In a recent post sighted by by the actress, she writes “Isn’t it about time, we stop asking female artiste this “DUMB” question about sexual harassments,
Haba, check if nurses, lawyers, or females in other professions are asked THIS question when they go for promotional interviews in the media”.

Baby Blanche further makes the point that: “wherever male and female converge, there will always be proposals, requests, soliciting, demands, and offers, even in the animal’s kingdom it happens. Watch National Geographic channel and u will understand.”

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She reveals that this question seeks to ridicule the female artiste and advises journalists to focus on the works they bring than sexual advances on them.
Is it out of jealousy of wanting to know who the lucky one is?
She ends her statement with the hashtag #Let’s say no to DUMB QUESTIONS by our journalists now.

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