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Medikal And Fella Makafui Team Up To Savagely Tear Into

Medikal and his wife, Fella Makafui have taken to Twitter to take Sister Derby to the cleaners with a very savage post. This reaction from the married couple follows Sister Derby’s decision to mock Fella Makafui for deciding to also start a career as a musician with her about to be released single song titled […]Read More

Sister Derby Put Her ‘Meat Pie’ On Display To Start

Ghanaian songstressĀ Sister Deborah aka Sister Derby has started a challenge for her controversial ‘Sweet-Ex’ song, which has been labeled as a mockery of the marriage of Medikal and Fella Makafui. Even though the song has landed her in a lot of trouble so far, the self-proclaimed African Mermaid seems unperturbed about all the backlash on […]Read More

Fella Makafui Set To Drop A Diss Song For Sister

Whatever Ghanaian musicians have told their colleagues who were are stuck with the screen as actors, it is really doing some magic. After the recent decision of names like Yaa Jackson, Emelia Brobbey, Vivian Jill Lawrence Tracey Boakye and others to add music to their crafts as movie people, Fella Makafui has announced that she […]Read More

Notorious IG Blogger Reveals Why Medikal Has Banned Sister Derby

That single decision by Sister Derby to send out ‘sweet ex’ birthday to Medikal has brought up more trouble than anyone could have ever imagined. After the subtle shades from Medikal and his wife, Fella Makafui in the early stages after that single message went viral, the AMG Business rapper dropped an actual warning yesterday.Read More