This constant comparison depresses and frustrates us- Fameye tells critics

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Fameye, the Ghanaian musician, has expressed his deep frustration with the relentless social media trolls who persistently fuel the Ghana/Nigeria music comparisons.

The online sphere has been ablaze with discussions after Nigerian artist Asake’s highly successful concert at London’s O2 Arena.

Having delivered a remarkable performance to a massive audience at the O2 Arena recently, Asake, known for the hit track “Joha,” has ignited a fervent debate surrounding the music scenes of Nigeria and Ghana.

Notably, various figures within the music industry and fellow artists have voiced their perspectives on the issue.

Among them, Fameye stands out, as he believes that the constant comparison and unwavering criticism on social media have significantly devalued the efforts of Ghanaian artists.

He emphasizeD that this persistent culture of “naming and shaming” has taken a toll on the mental well-being of Ghanaian musicians, leading them to feelings of despondency and exasperation.

“You people especially for this App take agenda comot all the value & worth of Artiste in this country , depressed & fraustrate us!!!” he tweeted.

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