This is the trending video of Becca that has got Ghanaians talking

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Ghanaian songstress and beloved figure, Becca, born as Rebecca Acheampong, is currently in the spotlight as she celebrates her birthday today.

As the artist marks another year of life, the occasion has taken an unexpected turn due to a recent video release that has sparked both admiration and controversy.

Unlike some celebrities who openly disclose their age, Becca has chosen to keep the guessing game alive, simply acknowledging that she is a year older in her recent social media posts.

In a bold move to celebrate her special day, Becca has shared a video that showcases her natural curves, embracing her body’s transformation over time.

The artist, who has become a mother of two, appears to have dedicated time to fitness, resulting in a beautiful and healthier frame.

In the video, Becca confidently displays her well-defined bortos and hips, flaunting her figure with pride.

The display is a testament to her dedication to maintaining a fit and natural physique.

Her intention, it seems, was to serve as an inspiration to others, encouraging self-acceptance and celebrating one’s unique beauty.

However, what was meant to be a celebration of self-love has inadvertently led to an unexpected controversy

. Social media users have taken to body-shaming Becca, critiquing the apparent imbalance in her hips.

Some have claimed that one hip is positioned lower than the other, leading to accusations that the artist is trying to mount unnecessary pressure on other women who might feel the societal weight of unrealistic body standards.

Click on this LINK to watch the video

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