“Tiwaa fasted 3 weeks for Yaw Sarpong but Pinamang didn’t” – Bishop J.Y Adu discloses

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In a dramatic turn of events within the personal life of veteran Ghanaian Gospel musician Yaw Sarpong, Bishop J.Y. Adu, the singer’s spiritual father, has openly criticized his wife, Pinamang, calling her a hypocrite and a liar.

This accusation adds a new layer of complexity to the ongoing marital saga that has captivated the public.

According to Bishop J.Y. Adu, during a critical period when God instructed the entire family to engage in a three-week fast for Yaw Sarpong’s healing, his wife Pinamang refused to participate.

Contrarily, Maame Tiwaa, who is not a blood relative but a close associate, committed to the fast for the entire duration, praying fervently for Yaw Sarpong’s recovery.

“Tiwaa, who isn’t even a part of the family, fasted for three weeks to pray for Yaw Sarpong’s healing,” Bishop Adu emphasized. “Yet, Pinamang refused to fast and later abandoned her husband following his recent illness.”

Bishop J.Y. Adu further alleged that Pinamang’s interests lie primarily in Yaw Sarpong’s properties rather than his well-being.

He contrasted this with Tiwaa’s selfless dedication, suggesting that Tiwaa’s love and sacrifices were genuine and solely for Yaw Sarpong’s benefit.

Adding to the controversy, Bishop J.Y. Adu disclosed a disturbing incident involving Yaw Sarpong’s children.

He claimed that during a period when Yaw Sarpong was unconscious, his children withdrew approximately GHS 20,000 from his MoMo account and also took his phones.

These allegations paint a picture of internal strife and betrayal within the family, further complicating the narrative around Yaw Sarpong’s personal life.

The Bishop’s revelations come on the heels of Mrs. Sarpong’s public accusations on Oyerepa FM, where she accused her husband of infidelity with Tiwaa and criticized her in-laws for mistreatment.

These public allegations have sparked significant discussion and concern among fans and followers of the Gospel musician.

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