Watch how a Prophet accurately prophesied Koda’s death (VIDEO)

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In what comes as a shock to many, a certain man of God identified as Rev. Richard Boateng, has once accurately prophesied Koda’s death.

The video of the prophecy surfaced in the aftermath of the gospel musician’s passing on Sunday, April 21, 2024. The leader of E-Glory Ministries Chapel, Rev. Richard Boateng, shared the prophecy in February 2024.

In the video going viral, Rev. Richard Boateng spoke of a spiritual vision where KODA was targeted with an arrow, causing turmoil in Takoradi. “This thing that I have seen, if we don’t pray fervently about it, it will happen,” he said.

In his prophetic proclamation, Rev. Boateng depicted a scene of mourning, urging fervent prayers to ward off the impending tragedy. He described the dire consequences of the spiritual attack, emphasizing the potential harm to KODA’s vital organs.

The man of God declared, “Let’s pray for this person. We need to pray for this young man. He is a musician called KODA or something like that.”

He continued, “The angel of God revealed to me that someone has shot an arrow at him and it is forming on his heart. This is creating problems for him. If care is not taken one of the most important organs of his body will be distorted.

Following the prophetic warning in the video below, Rev. Boateng and his congregation fervently prayed for divine intervention to alter the foreseen tragedy.

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