“We as Ghanaians aren’t patriotic enough” – Guru states

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Ghana’s rap luminary and the visionary leader behind NKZ Music, Maradona Yeboah Adjei, known widely as Guru/NKZ, has advocated for a powerful transformation in the way Ghanaians perceive themselves and their nation.

Guru has fervently urged his fellow countrymen to cultivate self-belief and elevate Ghana’s presence on the global platform.

The rapper has emphasized that the trajectory of the nation’s progress hinges on the collective effort of its citizens to amplify their individual identities, thereby propelling the nation towards development and international recognition.

The ‘Alkayida’ hitmaker in a candid interview with Caroline Sampson on Asaase Café on Thursday, August 17, 2023 detailed by saying, “I don’t know if Ghanaians have inferiority complex, not really believing in what we have, and not being patriotic sometimes it baffles me.

The code is to make Ghana great, nothing else. Even if you have the worst environment, project the unique ones, the beautiful ones, the world is full of exhibitions, and tourism is taking over.”

Guru continued by adding that, “My problem is if we don’t understand the motive of projecting the Ghana agenda, we will always get stuck, because we are not investing and we see ours not capable or not having the standard, that is where the problem is.”

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