When a man grows he looks at a woman’s heart and mind, not ‘specs’ – KiDi

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Award-winning Ghanaian singer KiDi has opened up about his dating life and what he looks for in a woman.

In a trending TikTok video, KiDi disclosed that he no longer considers physical appearance as the only quality he seeks in a partner.

According to the singer, as a man matures, he values a woman’s heart, intellect, and looks.

He said: “My type? As a man, looks and other things don’t matter as much when you grow up. What matters is the girl’s heart and her mind. She has to be beautiful, but what matters most is her heart and her mind.”

KiDi added that it would be dangerous for any man to pursue a romantic relationship with a woman solely because of her looks.

“You are looking for someone you will live with forever, so if you choose a girl just because of her body, you will be found lacking.”

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