Yango Taxi Is Here, Drivers Not To Pay Any Commission

Your lunch meeting is at 12:15 and you’re all dressed up. You pull out your phone and order a Yango. 

You’re not worried about being on time because you know Yango has its own mapping and navigation system, which significantly lowers your waiting time and quickens your arrival time, making the ride cheaper. 

So you relax in your very comfortable ride and catch the smile on the driver’s face. He is pleasant and in good spirits, because he currently earns 100% of whatever he makes on the trip, totally commission –free, thanks to Yango.

Yango is a hi-tech ride hailing service that’s about to launch in Ghana.  Yango is powered by Yandex.Yandex operates in more than 300 cities across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Yango is the future, and the future is here. 

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