19 pastors gave me fake cheques worth GHC450k during my mom’s funeral – Kumchacha

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Prophet Nicholas Osei, aka Kumchacha, has disclosed how some 19 pastors scammed him four years ago by giving him fake cheques during the final funeral rites for his late mother.

According to the founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministries, twenty (20) pastors presented him with a cheque exceeding GHC450,000 at the funeral.

Speaking in an interview on Onua TV, Kumchacha revealed that he later discovered the shocking revelation that the cheques were counterfeit when he attempted to withdraw the funds from the bank.

Upon investigation, he was informed that the majority of the cheques were not valid.

Interestingly, only one individual’s cheque was recognized as genuine, allowing for the successful withdrawal of the funds.

Expressing his frustration, Kumchacha disclosed that he has been unable to access the money from the cheques provided by the 19 other pastors to this day.

“Last four years when my mother died, 20 pastors gave me a cheque but I was able to get the funds for just one of them meanwhile the family had already taken the amounts into account thinking it would come later.

As I speak, I have not been able to withdraw the funds on the cheque. Some of them gave me a cheque of GH¢20,000 others GH¢10,000 and GH¢5,000 as well. I had to go to the bank several times to the extent that I felt shy at a point,” Kumchacha lamented.

He invoked his late mother’s spirit to go after the pastors until they redeem their commitment.

“I am calling on my mother’s ghost to haunt them till they honour their promise. My deceased mother is called Maame Ama, I pray she beats them for two years. why would you give me a fake cheque?” he quizzed.

Kumchacha did not disclose the names of the men of God who gave him the fake cheques.

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