I had two miscarriages after my wedding in 2019 – Selina Boateng

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Ghanaian Gospel music sensation, Selina Boateng has opened up about the profound challenges she faced in her early years of marriage, detailing how she experienced two heartbreaking miscarriages after her wedding in 2019.

The renowned singer, known for her soul-stirring vocals, courageously shared the emotional toll these losses took on her and her husband.

According to the ‘Asuma Asem’ singer, she got pregnant in her first year of marriage but had a miscarriage two months later.

She added that she got pregnant again in her second year of marriage and again had a miscarriage.

However, her maker proved himself faithful during the third of her marriage by blessing her a baby boy who’s name is Samuel Opoku Berchie.

The celebrated gospel diva made this revelation during an exclusive interview on The Delay Show aired last Saturday;

“I got pregnant in my first year of marriage but had a miscarriage after two months. I got pregnant again in the second year but had a miscarriage after four months. The third was in the third year and by God’s grace, it was successful,” Selina recounted.

When asked what could have caused the miscarriages, Selina Boateng said:

“The doctor was not specific about what was causing that except that they mentioned stress. I think I was all over the place, traveling and performing so that could be the cause.”

“So, for the third one, they advised me to have enough rest. Though I did not rest the way they wanted, I was able to give birth because they tied my womb,” she added.

Meanwhile, contrary to suggestions that she gained weight due to excessive food intake, the crooner attributed her current stature to the aftermath of childbirth.

“I feel very bad about the act of body-shaming, especially in the context of postpartum weight gain,” she said. “I am not alone in experiencing changes in my body after childbirth; it is a natural process. While some comments serve as motivation for me to embark on a weight loss journey, others are unnecessarily rude.”

Selina continued by stressing it is important to recognize that weight gain after giving birth is a “common occurrence and can result from various factors”

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