Afronita allegedly dumps Champion Rollie (Screenshots)

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According to trending reports on social media and recent updates, Afronita and Champion Rollie have broken up due to accusations.

Afronita and Champion Rollie, who publicly declared their romantic affair in November last year and warmed the hearts of their fans are no longer together.

Speculations about the breakup surfaced after Champion Rollie deleted a video from his X account (formerly Twitter), where he and Afronita were seen cuddling.

The caption attached to the now-deleted video read, “May this bond never break,”.

However, the deletion of this video shows that the bond has indeed encountered fractures.

Moreover, a glimpse at Champion Rollie’s recent updates on his Twitter page suggests that all might not be well between him and Afronita.

Cheating accusations, though unconfirmed, loom over the breakup rumours, adding an element of intrigue to the unfolding narrative.

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