Aunty Naa should solve her issue with her ex-husband before talking about others – Edward Akwasi Boateng fires

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In a candid interview with Poleeno Multimedia, gospel music veteran Edward Akwasi Boateng openly criticized Aunty Naa, accusing her of destroying marriages and turning women against men.

Edward Akwasi Boateng did not mince words as he accused Aunty Naa of being biased in her approach to addressing marital issues on her show.

He insisted that Aunty Naa intentionally speaks in favor of the women who seek help from her, potentially exacerbating marital conflicts instead of resolving them.

“Aunty Naa is very biased,” Boateng declared during the interview.

He further urged her to reconcile with her ex-husband, Bone Shaker, before attempting to address the marital problems of others.

According to Boateng, Aunty Naa’s personal experience and unresolved issues undermine her credibility when advising others.

Delving into Aunty Naa’s personal life, Edward Akwasi Boateng disclosed that she had two children with her ex-husband before their divorce.

He alleged that Bone Shaker introduced Aunty Naa to Mama Efe, which played a significant role in her rise to success in her career.

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