Stonebwoy speaks fake Patios – Jamaican musician Luciano speaks (Video)

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In a recent interview, legendary reggae artist Luciano openly criticized Stonebwoy, questioning the authenticity of the patois used in his songs.

Luciano expressed his concerns about African artists emulating the Jamaican style, arguing that many do not effectively capture its essence.

“A lot of African artists are copying the Jamaican style for their songs, but in actuality, they don’t make any sense,” Luciano stated.

His remarks came in response to a question about the differences between African and Jamaican musical styles.

The reggae legend specifically called out Stonebwoy, a prominent figure in Ghana’s music scene and leader of the Bhim Nation.

Luciano criticized Stonebwoy’s use of patois, suggesting that it lacks authenticity and clarity.

“He claims to speak patois, but the truth is that no Jamaican understands what he sings. Only God knows what Stonebwoy is saying,” Luciano remarked.

Watch the video below to know more…

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