Ayisha Modi fires Samira Bawumia for owning a $100k bag

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Ayisha Modi is upset to have seen that Second Lady Samira Bawumia reportedly owns designer bags that may cost over $100,000 in total.

In photos circulating on social media, Samira Bawumia has been spotted carrying designer bags from brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, Hermes, Valentino Garavani, Louis Vuitton, Anel, and Chanel.

The Second Lady has been captured in photos from different occasions with these bags in her hand.

A social media user decided to take a screenshot of the bags and post their prices. The Hermes bag is said to be worth at least GH131,000 (£9000).

Reacting to this, Ayisha Modi has decided to call out Samira Bawumia for neglecting the people’s needs and spending on luxurious bags.

According to Ayisha, the total cost of designer bags owned by the Second Lady can equally supply some hospitals with beds.

GhanaWeb quoted Ayisha Modi to have said that “Dr. Bawumia’s wife [Samira] would be holding a bag worth the cost of $120,000, do you know how many hospital beds that money can purchase? Some hospitals lack beds and due to that people are giving birth outside. As Ghanaians, we have to think because It’s not all about the party, but the improvement that the nation needs”.

She continued: “A lot of people are unemployed, yet one person can use over $100,000 to buy a handbag and you are saying this is good leadership.

If that is the case then the residents are the ones suffering because they lack wisdom. What has she done for the women in Ghana?”

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