Benedicta Gafah speaks about her alleged marriage

 Benedicta Gafah speaks about her alleged marriage

Actress Benedicta Gafah has narrated the entire dramatization encompassing her supposed marriage among herself and her American sweetheart recognized as Kwaku.

Responding authoritatively to the story that she has ever been hitched on Kingdom TV, she expressed decidedly that despite the fact that she was involved with the man professing to be her better half, they were married.

Also, sharing more insights concerning her relationship, she uncovered that the person deceived her from the beginning of their relationship. This went on for right around two years.

The actress proceeded to state that however they had begun purchasing things to get married. Her family begun raising the warning to communicate their dismay.

Benedicta Gafah proceeded to state that she was as yet centered around settling down with him until his genuine spouse called to inform her that they are legitimately married with three kids and even included photographs as proof.

She reasoned that it was about time that she intensely told him it was over between them.

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