Blacko should endure the full weight of the law to prevent other artistes from committing similar actions – Mr. Logic

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Talent manager and entertainment pundit, Mr. Logic, has expressed his belief that Black Sherif should be made to endure the full weight of the law for his recent involvement with the Cruise People Limited saga.

According to Mr Logic, both the artist and his team’s actions were highly unprofessional.

During his appearance on UTV Showbiz Night, Mr. Logic strongly advocated for legal action to be taken against such breaches and unprofessional behavior.

He stated that he strongly believes that such measures would serve as a deterrent for other industry players, discouraging them from engaging in similar actions.

By upholding standards and enforcing consequences, Mr. Logic envisions a more serious and thriving entertainment industry.

“Artistes should take a cue from this challenge, we are in a professional space and the law should take effect. let them go defend themselves in court so lessons can be learned”

“We are not making use of the court, and we take certain things likely in the creative space, the industry is known for unseriousness, and its high time the narrative change should we want a better professional environment”

“The only way we can make money in the creative space is to hold other people responsible for their actions”

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