Bridget Otoo celebrates Lydia Forson Womance following attacks

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True friends are rare, more importantly, ones that will stand up for you in times of torment.

Popular broadcast journalist, Bridget Otoo who has come under a myriad of attacks following news of her marriage has come to this realisation.

The vociferous journalist has endured trolls and insults on social media for settling down with a man after allegedly spearheading cancelling of men on the same platform.

One of the few friends of Bridget who has jumped to her defence has been Lydia Forson.

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The actress expressed surprise at how people have turned the good news into what she referred to as “thesis and analysis”.

Bridget Otoo has taken to Twitter to praise her friend and actress for his loyalty and friendship.

Bridget describes her friend as one who shows up always and is what everyone needs in their life.

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