Burn Anokye Supremo’s Body – Entertainment Pundit

One of the outspoken entertainment pundits, Nana Kwame Gyan, has admonished that there is no need in conveying the body of Anokye Supremo to Ghana to bury.
According to Nana Kwame, the family is even struggling to pay the debt of $21,000 pending at the hospital for the release of the body let alone the cost of transporting the dead body to Ghana.

Nana Kwame Gyan made this statement as a guest when he appeared on the most listened entertainment review show in the nation’s capital and beyond,  ‘Adom Entertainment Hall’ hosted by Mike 2 last Saturday.
According to him,  bringing home the body of the late Anokye Supremo from India will cost the family a huge amount of money. In his submission, he added that already the family is out there seeking the support of the general populace in order to raise the needed funds to clear the hospital debt.
He further said that considering the cremation of his body would take away the family’s burden and bring the ashes home for the final funeral rites will be cheaper, a better solution.
All other things being equal, the family of Anokye Supremo should start considering the cremating his body. The family has already told us that they don’t have money to bring down his body. I will humbly suggest they cremate his body and bring down his ashes for the final funeral rites…” he advised.
However, some listeners who did not like his suggestion lambasted him, describing him as inhuman.
Checks made for rough estimate of transportating the body from India to Ghana estimated about $12,500 and clearing fee of about $2500 making $15,000 amounting to ¢75,000. Anokye Supremo passed on to glory in India where he was undergoing surgery to remove a tumor in his brain that had affected his eyesight.
“Adom Entertainment Hall” is one of the most listened Radio programs in the capital and it is aired on Adom 106.3 FM every Saturday from 3:00 pm

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