Canada Embassy In Ghana

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For people seeking information about the Canada Embassy in Ghana, this article serves as a comprehensive guide, addressing frequently asked questions and providing essential details about the embassy’s location, contact information, and services.

The Canadian Embassy in Ghana serves as a vital link for Canadians visiting or residing in the country and Ghanaians seeking to travel to Canada for various purposes, including health, education, work, vacations, and more.

With a commitment to facilitating diplomatic relations and supporting citizens, the embassy plays a crucial role in fostering bilateral connections.

Services Offered:

The embassy provides a range of services to Canadians and Ghanaians alike.

This includes assistance with visa applications, consular services, and support for Canadians in distress.

Whether it’s addressing health-related concerns, educational opportunities, or employment queries, the embassy serves as a valuable resource for information and guidance.

  1. Adoption and Surrogacy:
    For Canadians looking to adopt a child internationally and bring them back to Canada, the embassy facilitates the necessary processes. This includes providing guidance on adoption requirements and ensuring a smooth transition for the child to their new home country.
  2. Citizenship Services:
    The embassy assists individuals in their journey to Canadian citizenship. From outlining the steps to become a citizen to helping individuals obtain proof of citizenship, these services contribute to fostering a sense of belonging for Canadians abroad.
  3. Death Abroad:
    In the unfortunate event of a loved one passing away abroad, the embassy offers guidance on the necessary steps to be taken. This includes providing information on repatriation procedures and ensuring that all legal requirements are met.
  4. Notarial Services:
    Canadian citizens abroad can access notarial services at the embassy, allowing them to have important documents certified and authenticated. This service is crucial for various legal and administrative purposes.
  5. Pensions and Retirement:
    Information on pensions and retiring outside of Canada is available through the embassy. This resource is valuable for Canadians planning their retirement in a foreign country.
  6. Visa and Immigration Services:
    The embassy facilitates the visa and immigration processes for individuals looking to immigrate to Canada. Whether for study, work, or visitation, the embassy guides applicants through the necessary steps.
  7. Birth Abroad:
    Parents of children born abroad can register their child’s birth through embassy services. This ensures that the child is recognized as a Canadian citizen from birth.
  8. Criminal Record Checks:
    When required, the embassy assists Canadians in obtaining criminal record checks abroad, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory standards.
  9. Marriage Abroad:
    For Canadians planning to get married abroad, the embassy provides information on the requirements, necessary documents, and processes involved in formalizing marriages in foreign countries.
  10. Passport Services:
    The embassy’s passport services support Canadians in applying for, renewing, or addressing issues with their passports while abroad.
  11. Studying Abroad:
    For Canadians seeking educational or research opportunities in foreign countries, the embassy offers information and support to facilitate their academic pursuits.
  12. Voting Abroad:
    The embassy guides Canadians living abroad through the voting process, ensuring they can participate in Canadian elections and have their voices heard.

Extended Reach:

In addition to its presence in Ghana, the Canadian Embassy’s jurisdiction covers Canadians in Sierra Leone and Togo.

This extension underscores the embassy’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of Canadians across the West African region.


The Canadian Embassy in Ghana is conveniently situated at 42 Independence Ave, P.O Box 1639, Accra.

This strategic location facilitates accessibility for individuals seeking assistance or information about Canada-related matters.

Contact Information:

For inquiries and assistance, individuals can reach out to the Canadian Embassy through the following contact details:

Phone: +233-2121-1521, +233-2122-8555

The embassy’s commitment to excellence in service delivery is reflected in its efforts to provide timely and accurate information to those seeking support or engaging in diplomatic processes.

Canada Embassy in Ghana FAQs

How much is the Canadian visa fee in Ghana?

100 Canadian dollars

How long does it take to apply for Canadian visa in Ghana?

A minimum of 5 days

How do I contact Canada visa office in Ghana?

  1. Contact Details. Helpline: +233(0)302750200. …
  2. Address. Canada Visa Application Centre International Organization for Migration (IOM) – Ghana Baptist Convention House Abelenkpe Road, Abelemkpe, Accra Ghana.
  3. Opening Hours. 08:00 – 16:30 Monday to Friday (excluding declared holidays)
  4. About VFS Global.

I hope this article provided you with all the needed details about Canada Embassy in Ghana. Thanks for reading!

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