Celestine Donkor finally addresses weight loss surgery rumours

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Award-winning Ghanaian artist, Celestine Donkor has addressed speculations regarding her potential pursuit of weight loss surgery, clarifying that she hasn’t made any decisions in that regard.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz with Doreen Avio, the well-known gospel singer cum fashionista acknowledged societal pressures, especially within the entertainment industry, to conform to certain body standards, but emphasized her focus on health considerations.

Celestine further highlighted her research, indicating that weight-related surgeries are typically recommended based on health assessments and imminent risks to one’s well-being. Despite being plus-sized, she asserted that her fitness and absence of health issues commonly associated with her body type.

“I am plus size but very active. I might even overtake a lot of slim people in a marathon. The fat is in my genes, and in my family, we are big. I have never had high blood pressure or anything. I do regular check-ups and drink a lot of water, and I have enough rest, so health-wise, I am fine,” she shared.

Expressing her reservations about surgery, the ‘Only You’ hitmaker cited her fear of knives and previous experiences with childbirth-related incisions. She preferred exploring alternative methods like dieting, exercise, and intermittent fasting, considering them less risky.

Even when presented with financial incentives for surgery, Donkor prioritized investing in her spiritual growth over physical alterations. She underscored the transient nature of the human body and its eventual demise, emphasizing the enduring significance of the soul.

“I can confidently say here that personally if I have GH¢40,000 or GH¢50,000 to work on this body, I will invest in my soul. This body will perish, no matter how slim and nicely carved it is.

“The worthless creature after death is the human body; even animal body has value because we use them as food, but for humans, the body is no longer worthy than to be trashed,” she noted

Ultimately, Celestine Donkor emphasized her commitment to holistic well-being, valuing spiritual enrichment over superficial changes to her physical appearance.

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