Guru opens up how COVID pushed him to enroll in Legon his dream school

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Ghanaian music sensation Guru recently shared his deep affection for the University of Ghana, where he is currently pursuing his studies.

In an interview on Joy Prime, Guru, known offstage as Maradona Yeboah Adjei, expressed how fulfilling it is to be a part of the university community, describing it as a realization of his long-held dream.

Reflecting on his involvement in university activities, Guru reminisced about his active participation in various events such as Hall Week celebrations and collaborations with the Student Representative Council (SRC).

Notably, he successfully organized an event featuring Mister Drew, enhancing the vibrant campus atmosphere.

“The University of Ghana has always been my aspiration, and being there feels surreal. I was eager to contribute in any way possible. In my first year, I supported and sponsored some Hall Week celebrations and collaborated with the SRC for Evandy Hall Week. Bringing Mister Drew was a highlight,” he shared.

Guru also shed light on his motivations for pursuing higher education, attributing his decision to pandemic-induced boredom and his mother’s encouragement to complete his degree.

Initially enrolling in a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, he later switched to Political Science and Information Studies, aiming to apply his expertise on a global scale, particularly with aspirations to work with the United Nations.

“After the onset of COVID, I felt a sense of ennui. So I thought, ‘Why not delve into academics?’ My mother has always emphasized the importance of education, urging me to complete my degree.

Thus, I enrolled at the University of Ghana, initially studying Information Technology. Later, I switched to Political Science and Information Studies. My ultimate goal is to make a difference on a global platform, particularly by working with the UN,” Guru explained.

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