VIDEO: Don’t cook and clean for your boyfriends – Kafui Danku advises young ladies

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Ghanaian actress and producer, Kafui Danku, has taken to social media to question the intentions of women who take on wifely responsibilities when they are not married to their boyfriends.

In a post on her Instagram page, Kafui expressed her concern about the issue and shared a personal experience to emphasize her point.

“Ladies that go to their boyfriend’s house and start cooking and cleaning for them and washing for them and assuming wife responsibilities and all, what is the motivation behind that?” she wrote.

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The actress went ahead to narrate an incident where a man who was pursuing her asked her to visit him.

On the second date, she visited him, she found him cleaning and did not offer to help, and the man was not pleased about it.

“So later he made a big fuss that I came and I saw him cleaning and doing whatever and didn’t offer to help. That was the end. When I left there, he never saw me again,” she added.

She went on to describe the man’s behaviour as disrespectful and urged women to be cautious about the responsibilities they take on in relationships, emphasizing the need to take things slowly and not to assume wife duties for men who are not committed.

“Now that I think about it, it was even disrespectful. You don’t do that. At least date somebody for a while,” she added.

Though, Kafui Danku meant to encourage young ladies to follow such a trend, many of her followers are rather lashing out at her for giving bad advice.

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