Eddie Nartey Dares Any Lady Who Claims He Cheated With To Come Out And Shame Him – Watch Video

Actor, producer and director Eddie Nartey has decided to play the truth or dare game with any lady out there who has any dating dirt on him in the last two years, as he has publicly dared any of you out there to come out and shame him, probably to score some marks for him dumping you.

Eddie Nartey, who recently got married to his lovely wife, in an interview with Zionfelix made the point that he is not like “the every day man” who is perceived to be a cheat and will cheat no matter what a lady does to him. When Zionfelix asked him if he has ever cheated on a partner he considered to be in a serious relationship with, Eddie Nartey revealed that it was something he did in the past, but not since he met his wife he married recently.

He stressed that he dated his wife, for about two years before they decided to make it official on September 22, 2018, at a private ceremony in Accra. Eddie Nartey further revealed that in the about two years of their dating, no lady out there can come out and say he dated her and as a result dared any lady who claims he dated her in the last to years to come out and shame him.

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To further make the point the point that he has never cheated on his current wife, even when they dated for two years, he asked the host of the show if he has ever cheated on his partner. When Zionfelix, who is the host stated that he has never cheated because that is not in his nature, Eddie Nartey jovially stated that they can both wear the same shorts then.

Watch the interview below…


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