Encourage money-making skills, not manhood enlargement ads – Akwaboah fumes at TV stations

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Award-winning Ghanaian musician, Gladstorm Kwabena Akwaboah Jnr, known as Akwaboah, has expressed concern about the prevalence of advertisements for penis enlargement products on various television stations.

The ‘I Do Love You,’ found this trend disturbing and believes it doesn’t benefit the country in any way.

He emphasizes that the constant focus on sexual topics in advertisements is worrisome and calls for a shift in priorities.

Akwaboah questioned the preoccupation with such products and suggests that it’s time to change the mindset and focus on more productive and educational content.

”What is going on in Ghana? What is the matter? I was here making plans for my Lighthouse album and I decided to take a break and watch television. And all that I kept seeing was various Penis Enlargement products advertisements. Are men in Ghana crawling? So for Ghanaians all that we think about is sex right? When will you teach us how to make money or teach us the word of God? I think it’s time to change our mindset.”

He believes that there should be a greater emphasis on topics like wealth creation and the teachings of the word of God, rather than solely promoting sexual products and interests in Ghanaian media.

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