Fella traveled to Dubai to do things and throw her wedding ring into the sea – Medikal discloses

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Medikal has finally opened up on his failed marriage with actress Fella Makafui after less than 4 years as a couple.

The award-winning musician who claims to have endured alot of humiliation inside his own house has alleged Fella went to Dubai to do ‘things’.

Medikal in a video claimed that Fella told him point blank that she had thrown her wedding ring into the sea hence she’s no longer interested in their marriage.

Before this, Fella Makafui travelled to Dubai without informing him to cool off and he only got to know about it after a blogger shared the picture online and this was because she wasn’t talking with him.

As stated by the rapper, even Fella’s mother is at loggerheads with him despite coming to spend days inside his house.

In a part of the video, Medikal said;

“Fella Makafui went to Dubai to do her own ‘things’, when she came back and I asked where her wedding ring was, she told me she thew it in the sea and that she won’t marry again”

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