Following trends will only make you fade early as a musician – KK Fosu argues

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Ghanaian highlife musician Kaakyire Kwame Fosu, alias K.K. Fosu, has offered advice to fellow musicians, encouraging them to focus on creating evergreen songs that will stand the test of time rather than following fleeting trends.

K.K. Fosu’s advice encourages artists to prioritize artistic quality and timelessness over chasing current trends and fleeting fame in the music industry.

The veteran artist expressed his belief that many contemporary artists are more focused on gaining popularity and making money, rather than producing quality music that will endure.

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He emphasized the importance of distinguishing between evergreen music and commercial music and also suggested that musicians should have a strategic release pattern for their songs, which would contribute to the longevity of their music.

He encouraged artists to incorporate live band performances into their music, as it can help refine their sound and craftsmanship.

“Know the difference between evergreen music and commercial music, In this age I have realized we are doing the music because we’re hungry for fame and money. when you follow trends as a musician you will fade out quickly because when the trend and buzz pass away then you are stuck”

“Songs of Amakye Dede are timeless pieces, they still sound refreshing whenever it’s played. As a musician, you should have a release pattern for dropping songs. Every musician should learn and incorporate the use of a live band, this will help you refine your sound and craft”

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