Barima Sidney can drag me to court if he believes I’ve stolen his song – Wendy Shay

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Songstress, Wendy Shay has asserted that she is open to legal scrutiny if anyone believes she has violated copyright policies.

Her submission comes in response to recent discussions regarding her newly released song, ‘African Money,’ which some individuals believe bears a resemblance to musician Barima Sidney’s 2011 song, ‘African Money.’

Wendy Shay’s new song conveys a strong message criticizing the increasing acts of corruption and mismanagement by African leaders who accumulate public resources to enrich themselves at the expense of their people, and it shares similarities with Barima Sidney’s piece.

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While Wendy Shay’s song has gained attention and appreciation for its creativity and for addressing important issues through music, some have accused her of music theft and copyright infringement.

Speaking on UTV Showbiz Night, while her choice of words in the song may be similar to Barima Sidney’s piece, there is no law that restricts the use of words, and no one holds legal rights over words.

“I have been doing music for over five years now and I know the laws of copyright infringements and violations, there is no law that restricts the use of someone’s words then if so our Nigerian musicians who use our phrases like ODO and OHEMAA have violated the policy but that is not how it works”

“If legendary Sidney believes I copied his piece, I am ready to meet him in court. maybe I might even learn something from the process or perhaps pay a fine if necessary, I know for sure I haven’t infringed on the copyright policy so whoever believes I have stolen the song can take legal action”

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