Forget Working For Me If You Can’t Pray For 2 Hours Each Day – Gospel Musician EBA

Ghanaian gospel musician, Enoch Blessing Acquah, otherwise known as EBA, has a strong rule laid down for his workers and people who intends to work with him.

Addressing the media at a press launch of his latest single ‘Balm of Gilead’, which was covered by, EBA who is also the Boss of Soaring Estate Company Limited said his outfit requires employees who are very prayerful.

Looking at the challenges he went through before setting up his business, the gospel musician sees it wise to pray without ceasing.

It has become a culture for his team to pray about two (2) hours before the day’s work commences.

As a Christian entity, EBA averred working with people who believe in his dreams and ideals has helped in the success story of his company.

He added that the spirit of praying will be inculcated into anyone who will join his team.

Explaining further in accordance with the phrase; ‘When in Rome, Do as the Romans do’, EBA stated that an opportunity will be given for others to learn how to pray fervently over time.

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