Fred Nuamah And Kalybos Sabotaged My Performance At 2018 GMAs But I’ll Blow For Them To See Me And Bow Their Heads In Shame – Dr. Obengfo’s Girl Explodes

Nana Frema and Zionfelix

Songstress Nana Frema Korateng is really peeved at Fred Nuamah and Kalybos who hosted last year’s Ghana Movie Awards ceremony which happened on December 30.

The musician has rebuked the two actors for sabotaging her performance at the event which was organised to reward Ghanaian actors. Disappointed Frema in an interaction with Zionfelix on his “Uncut” program disclosed that she was billed to perform at the early stages of the awards ceremony but organisers of the event intentionally kept her waiting until the show was over and everybody as moving out of the auditorium.

According to her, she was called to perform only to jump on stage to see almost an empty room. The ‘Sweet Boy’ singer continued that she spent days preparing for her performance because it was a dream come true for her only to attend the December 30 event to receive such humiliation. The singer told Zionfelix during the conversation that she was to first perform with actor James Gardiner only to see the actor on stage with other ladies singing a song which had her voice.

Not just that, Nana Frema continued that even before she found her way to the backstage whilst the event was ongoing, she was left to sit outside the auditorium for an hour with nobody attending to her. To her, organisers of the Ghana Movie Awards 2018 looked unconcerned about her performance despite all the time, money and energy she pumped into her craft just for it to look perfect on the night.

The musician and actress further disclosed that what hurt her most was when she asked her bosom friend, Kalybos to inform the audience that she wrote and performed the song she will be singing when he invites her on stage not knowing the actor real name Richard Asante who was the host of the awards was actually going on stage to close the event.

Angry Nana Frema in sorrows during the interview told Fred Nuamah and Kalybos that she will blow in no time and the two will see her and bow their heads down in shame.

Watch Nana Frema speaking to Zionfelix below:

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