Ghana Is About To Feel #THEMOVE! Preye Odede’s Script Music Readies Big Announcement!

Ghana is about to experience the move as *Preye Odede* ‘s Script Music label is preparing for a big announcement! It’s a first from the ace Gospel music minister with critically acclaimed songs including *”Ebezina,” “Bulie,” “Oshimiri Atata,” “For My Good,”* amongst others, and the impact will be intercontinental!

What other name befits such quantum leap safe for *”The Move.”* 7 Gospel music minister of African descent will come from all across the world on a specific night, to lift up the banner of Worship, and Ghana is the vantage point!

Is Preye Odede gathering Gospel music acts for a never-seen-before collaboration? Is it a once-in-a-lifetime worship experience with the magnitude of force enough to shake Ghana and the whole of Africa for that matter? Is it all of the above?

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One thing certain is that history is about to be made and you will not be excluded from experiencing the historical moment, not just as a spectator but as an active participant!

Like Elisha looking out for Elijah’s chariot of fire, watch out for the move… It’s about to shake Ghana and environs!

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