Ghanaian Actress Xandy Kamel Clashes with Kafui Danku Over Relationship Advice

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During an appearance on UTV’s United Showbiz program last Saturday, Kafui Danku advised young ladies not to perform traditional wife duties for their boyfriends, urging them to retain their sense of self-worth and demand respect in their relationships.

Kafui Danku’s advice centered around the idea that men are more attracted to women who do not readily bend over backward to accommodate them.

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She encouraged women not to be overly available or too accommodating, as this might inadvertently diminish their value in the eyes of their partners.

Instead, she emphasized the importance of focusing on one’s worth and ensuring that men invest their resources, both financially and emotionally, in the relationship.

However, Xandy Kamel has given a different perspective on the matter and took to social media to express her disagreement with Kafui Danku’s advice.

In a trending video, Xandy Kamel questioned the logic of expecting men to spend on women while refusing to do basic things like cooking and cleaning for them.

She referenced instances where men take care of their girlfriends while they are in school, only to be dumped after graduation.

According to Xandy Kamel, performing tasks like cooking and cleaning for a man should not even be up for debate, as it should be seen as a natural expression of care and affection in a relationship.

The clash of opinions between Xandy Kamel and Kafui Danku has sparked conversations among social media users, with many weighing in on the topic.

While some support Kafui Danku’s advice for women to assert their self-worth and demand respect, others agree with Xandy Kamel’s perspective, arguing that relationship dynamics should be based on mutual care and consideration.

As the debate continues, it is evident that relationship advice can be subjective and dependent on individual beliefs and experiences.

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