Ghanaians are not lazy, people want to work but where are the jobs? – Bridget Otoo asks (Video)

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Ghanaian broadcast journalist, Bridget Otoo has lamented the lack of jobs and the standard of living of Ghanaians in an interview on Metro TV.

Speaking on Home Owners Show on Metro TV, the actress bemoaned the cost of rent and affording a home in Ghana.

She alluded to the fact that what governments call affordable housing in Ghana is not really affordable looking at where the buildings are constructed and the average salary of regular Ghanaian workers.

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Considering the situation, the journalist said it is a case of deceiving ourselves that we are doing the right thing when we are not.

Speaking on jobs, Bridget Otoo said Ghanaians are not lazy people. She stated without hesitation that people want to work but there is no work.

She believes the politicians don’t appreciate the situation in which the ordinary Ghanaian is.

Watch the interview below:

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