Ghanaians Do Foolish Things At Times – Angry Kwasi Aboagye Lashes Tourism Minister

Kwasi Aboagye (Right) and friend

Radio show host Kwasi Aboagye is extremely angry at the Minister for Tourism, Arts, and Culture, Catherine Abelema Afeku over plans to set up Tourism TV, Agya Koo TV, and Daddy Lumba TV.

The sector minister at a meet the press held on Monday, January 29 this year in Accra mentioned that the three media houses are expected to project locally produced contents. But the Peace FM entertainment show believes the three projects are not necessary.

Kwasi Aboagye who sounded angry opined that roads leading to major tourist sites in the country are blemished so he cannot fathom why the minister instead of developing the bad roads would focus on setting up TV stations which will be of no benefit to the country. He later questioned if the tourism TV would broadcast the damaged roads to viewers to disgrace the country.

“So the important things she could talk about is the Agya Koo and Daddy Lumba TV? In fact Ghanaians can fool at times. Is it because Agya Koo and Daddy Lumba helped with the campaign of NPP? Are the two TV stations going to be financed by a private person or the government? People have set up TV all over and I even have Razz TV, Kofi Aduma also has one and he is doing exceptionally well.

So a whole ministry calls for press conference and talk about Agya Koo TV and Daddy Lumba TV, is this what we need here? And they say they are also setting up Tourism TV when a report which was just released said the number of toursists to Kakum National park keep reducing. The reason for this is  because of bad road from Cape Coast to the tourist site and you are there talking about Tourism TV. Tourism TV for what, are you going to show the bad roads to us? peeved Kwasi Angry said Thursday evening on Peace FM.

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