Ghanaians raise money for Vanessa to take care of Funny Face’s kids – Video

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Today is Father’s Day, and a set of benevolent people on TikTok have come together to raise money for Vanessa to take care of her kids with Funny Face.

During a TikTok live session with Trouble Man Carlos, Maadea, and others, the kind people came together to give undisclosed amounts of money to Vanessa willingly.

As we all know, Funny Face came to the internet a few weeks ago to accuse Vanessa of not allowing him to meet his kids.

Funny Face also asserted that despite being unemployed and broke at the moment, he still manages to send her GHS 1,100 every month.

As a single mother who’s currently taking a larger portion of the well-being of the kids she shares with Funny Face, these kind people decided to bless her to ease the burden.

Watch the video below to know more…

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