Gideon King, The Lord Of Luxury Car Detailing Visits Ghana

Born in the UK, Gideon King has been pimping luxury cars for over ten years. London born Nigerian Gideon who’s passion took him away from the violent streets of east London to running a business pimping up sportscars for the super-rich in Qatar is visiting Ghana for a business seminar.
The father of three who got installed in the Middle East by a wealthy sheik, now works for top musicians and business figures detailing their expensive vehicles.

After all, success detailing Bentleys and Lamborghinis, King feels he can help youngsters battling the wave of drug-inspired violence around the world to make something of themselves – just as he has. According to his PR Gregory Ankrah, Gideon King is coming to Ghana on a project with his partner Harold Norman who is a Ghanaian businessman supporting and teaching youngsters on how to raise funds for startups. Presently he’s advanced into detailing yachts and private jets.
Check out the photos below:

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