Good Move? Gospel Musician Mabel Okyere Changes Amakye Dede’s ‘Sufre Wo Nyame’ Into Worship Song – Watch Video

It was mesmerizing to watch this video of Mabel Okyere performing Amakye Dede’s ‘Sufre Wo Nyame’ song.

‘Sufre Wo Nyame’ literary means call on your God—an inspirational piece which the composer implores the audience to take refuge in God in times of troubles.

The song which was released some decades ago gives hope to those who have lost it; it also carries a message that no matter how difficult situations might be, things would surely change for better.

Mabel’s rendition is on point and she brought back so many memories.

She performed it mellowly and eulogized the veteran musician-Amakye Dede for such a great piece.

Time and time again, Mabel Okyere keeps on proving that she is very talented and a great worshipper.

Watch the video below:

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