Hajia4Real’s baby daddy accuses her of sleeping with a popular musicians while they were still together

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In a significant turn of events, Loveman Allison, the former partner of incarcerated actress and socialite Hajia4Reall, has released a public statement to address the serious allegations made against him.

This comes after a long period of silence, during which Allison refrained from commenting on the accusations that he introduced Hajia4Reall, also known as Mona, to internet scams and other fraudulent activities.

In his statement, Allison vehemently denied the allegations, providing his side of the story regarding their relationship.

He revealed that their relationship ended in 2017 after he discovered that Hajia4Reall was involved with a popular artist who was also his friend.

“Our relationship was troubled, partly due to warnings about Mona’s promiscuous lifestyle. Despite this, we welcomed our beautiful daughter.

However, our relationship deteriorated further when Mona’s involvement with an artist, who was also a friend of mine led us to part ways in November 2017,” Allison stated.

Though he did not name the artist, speculation among netizens points to Shatta Wale.

This theory is fueled by past allegations made by deported entertainer Showboy, who claimed in 2023 that Shatta Wale and Hajia4Reall had been romantically involved since 2017.

Showboy further alleged that Shatta Wale eventually introduced Hajia4Reall to his godfather, Kofi Boat, suggesting a network of promiscuity.

Allison’s statement is a direct rebuttal to Hajia4Reall’s claims in court that she was unaware of romance scams until Allison introduced her to such activities during their relationship from 2015 to 2019.

He emphasized that their relationship ended in 2017, and he has never been involved in any fraudulent activities.

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