“I’m not the one who introduced Hajia4Real to internet fraud” – Baby daddy speaks (Video)

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Loveman Allison, the former partner and baby daddy of socialite and musician Hajia4Reall, has issued a public statement addressing the serious allegations made against him by Hajia4Reall in court.

During her trial, Hajia4Reall testified that she was unaware of romance scams until her then-boyfriend, Loveman Allison, introduced her to such activities.

She claimed that they met in 2015 and dated until 2019, during which time she learned about fraudulent schemes from him.

In a strongly worded press statement, Allison refuted all claims made by Hajia4Reall, expressing his shock and disappointment that she would fabricate such stories.

“Everything she said about me in court is a lie,” Allison declared. “I have never been involved in romance scams or any fraudulent activities, and I am baffled as to why she would drag me into this.”

Allison further clarified that their relationship did not last until 2019, as Hajia4Reall stated, but ended in 2017 when he discovered she was having an affair with a musician who was also his friend.

He emphasized that he had no knowledge of her involvement in romance scams and insisted that she should identify her real accomplices instead of implicating him.

“This will be the first and last time I come out publicly to respond to any allegations,” Allison asserted.

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