Heartwarming video of Dr Likee visiting Asamoah Gyan’s house for the first time trends

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Ghanaian comedian Dr Likee, also known as Akabenezer, has called on one of his biggest fans, Asamoah Gyan, a former player of the Black Stars.

The comedian was spotted with his cronies, Kyekeku, 39/40 and others, who frequently appear in his YouTube skits.

They were there to present an invitation to the former Black Stars player for Kyekeku’s upcoming movie premiere in Accra

Asamoah Gyan was preparing for the recently held launch of the All-Regional Games when Dr Likee and his cronies arrived.

The comedian, spotting an unmissable outfit, rolled in with a funny walk.

In a trending video, Dr Likee attempted to mimic Asamoah Gyan’s footballing days while the retired player watched on from his balcony in laughter


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