Homechow food delivery launches App which includes all restaurants in Accra

Starting from today you can order from over 400 restaurants through the leading Ghanaian food delivery app Homechow.

The company has pivoted to add all restaurants in Accra to cater to the customer demands of using the Homechow App to order from their favorite restaurants and food joints. The company has grown in the past few months since the brand entered the market. You can now order from more places and areas across Accra and have it delivered to you at a much faster time period as the 400 additional restaurants added to the newly updated app are strategically spread across the city.

Homechow food delivery app brand is strong in the market and this only further solidifies it as the leading food delivery App in the country.

Customers as of today can download the app on the play store and app store and get some free food perks.

https://apple.co/2Fs7uaG (iOS) http://bit.ly/2XsaT3y (Android)

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