“I also suffer in silence just like any other human being” – Mcbrown cries (Video)

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Actress Nana Ama McBrown has openly disclosed that she also suffers in private just like any other human being.

McBrown broke down in tears during a recent episode of her show, Onua Showtime with McBrown.

McBrown stormed the stage with a microphone to perform Piesie Esther’s smash hit ‘Mo’ and during the performance, poured out her heart to Ghanaians for the first time ever.

The actress-turned-media personality admitted that she’s been to hell and back this year due to things happening in her personal lie.

She said despite the fact that she always comes to work smiling and makes Ghanaians see how happy she is, she has been suffering immensely.

McBrown said celebrities like herself are also human beings but due to their profession, they have to keep things within them.

Her comments, coming after her husband was spotted this Christmas period with his sidechick multiple times, basically confirms her marriage is over.

After months of denial and attempting to gaslight Ghanaians, the truth has finally become too glaring to hide and McBrown is now openly grieving!

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