I didn’t attack Medikal – Michy speaks

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Michy has made it clear that she has no intentions of seeking forgiveness for her behavior towards rapper Medikal, who is also a close friend of her ex-partner and the father of her child, Shatta Wale.

Initially, Michy has been keeping a low profile for a while but was thrust back into the spotlight due to a heated verbal altercation with Medikal.

The incident occurred at the birthday party of Ghanaian entertainment blogger GH Kweku in April and was triggered by Medikal allegedly making remarks about Shatta Wale.

In a viral video that emerged shortly after the incident, Medikal was seen mentioning during an interview on LUV Fm in Kumasi that Shatta Wale had taken care of his daughter, Island Frimpong’s academic fees for the year.

However, this information was misinterpreted by Michy, who believed Medikal was referring to her son, Majesty. She confronted him publicly, accusing him of spreading false information.

During the confrontation, Michy used strong language directed at Medikal, leading him to walk away and diffuse the situation.

Reflecting on the incident during an interview on Adom TV’s Andy Dosty show, Michy stated that she has no regrets about her actions and, if faced with a similar situation, would respond in a similar manner.

While acknowledging that she often feels under pressure due to various factors in her life, Michy denied attacking Medikal but rather asserted that she expressed her displeasure.

“I know what I am going through. Once in a while, I need to release some of the negative energy on someone. I don’t think I attacked Medikal; in fact, I even gave him fans,” she explained.

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