‘I didn’t know where mum and dad were’ – Sarkodie talks about how he suffered while growing up

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Ghanaian rap icon, Sarkodie, has opened up about his introverted nature, confirming speculations about his reserved and unsociable demeanor.

In an honest and candid interview with host Angela Yee on Way Up, Sarkodie delved into the origins of his “laid-back” personality, tracing it back to a challenging childhood.

Born as Michael Owusu Addo, Sarkodie revealed that during his formative years, he experienced a period of separation from his parents and was placed under the care of an undisclosed individual.

The difficulties he encountered during this time had a profound and lasting impact on his character.

The rapper bravely shared these personal struggles, shedding light on the circumstances that shaped his introversion.

“I had to endure serious hardships while living with someone; I didn’t know where my mom and dad were. It was a tough start, and the experiences I had were far from the best,” 

Sarkodie shared, though he chose not to delve too deeply into the specifics.

These early struggles shaped his inclination towards a more introverted and observant approach to life. He found comfort in being on the sidelines, watching events unfold without actively participating, an outlook he developed to cope with life’s challenges during those trying times.

Sarkodie’s willingness to discuss these aspects of his life provides fans and the public with a deeper understanding of the man behind the music, showcasing his vulnerability and authenticity.

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