“I wouldn’t have signed the contract with ‘Highly Spiritual’ if I had a lawyer – Mr Drew reveals

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Ghanaian musician and dancer, Andrew Nii Otoo, popularly known as Mr. Drew, has openly expressed that while he appreciates Kaywa’s unwavering belief in his talent, he would have declined the contract if he had sought legal advice at the time.

In an Instagram live session, Mr. Drew candidly revealed that the only oversight he made was not involving a lawyer to carefully review the contract with him, ensuring there were no hidden clauses or potential pitfalls.

Despite recognizing Kaywa’s genuine support and affection for his abilities, he acknowledged that a legal professional could have offered valuable insights and protection.

By sharing this experience, Mr. Drew emphasizes the significance of seeking legal counsel, particularly in the music industry, where contracts can be complex and have far-reaching implications.

His openness serves as a valuable lesson for aspiring artists and highlights the importance of safeguarding one’s interests when entering into significant agreements in the entertainment world.

“I didn’t have a lawyer to go through my contract with Kaywa’s label and that was my mistake, so when I had a lawyer and he revised the contract, that was when we realized there were one or two things that were not right,” he said.

The “Dw3” hitmaker added if his kid brother ever decides to go into music under the Highly Spiritual Music label, he would advise against it.

“I’ll not let my kid brother sign the same contract I was given at Kaywa’s label if he decides to enter into music,” he added.

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