I’m Ever Ready To Have Sex With DKB – Musician

Bad Girl Nafisah

Musician Bad girl Nafisah is definitely not an average 19 year old Ghanaian.

Her boisterous and outspoken nature easily paints her as a “wild” child who is ready to do anything with anyone without considering the relationship that exist between them. Nafisah has consented to the possibility of a sexual relationship with comedian DKB.

The young girl who identifies DKB as her godfather said she is ever ready and willing to have sex with DKB should he ever desire her sexually.

She however disclosed there hasnt been any indication of that ever happening because DKB considers her a daughter and only wants to help her career.

the outspoken singers on the Zionfelix Uncut show revealed the the comedian has helped her on several occasions and does not know how to thank him. To her, DKB’s support for her has made her who she is at the moment.

Bad girl Nafisah bared her soul in interview with Zionfelix recently.

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