“I’m not your husband, I’ll never marry you” – Abass Sariki fumes at Ayisha Modi

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There has been a recent controversy surrounding the relationship between renowned Ghanaian realtor and former land guard, Abass Sariki, and Ayisha Modi, with both individuals offering conflicting accounts of their alleged affair and marriage on social media.

Initially, Ayisha Modi claimed to the media that she was happily married to Abass Sariki, a well-known married man with children.

However, Abass Sariki promptly dismissed these claims in an interview with Sammy Kay, a well-known blogger.

He emphatically stated that he is not married to Ayisha Modi and clarified that they are merely friends with no romantic involvement.

Following Abass Sariki’s interview, Ayisha Modi took to TikTok to reassert her claim that she is still married to him.

This prompted Abass Sariki to grant another interview, where he issued a stern warning to Ayisha Modi.

In a new interview, Abass Sariki expressed his reluctance to address the ongoing issue initially but felt compelled to do so due to Ayisha Modi’s persistent attempts to tarnish his hard-earned reputation and his existing marriage.

He angrily warned Ayisha Modi to refrain from mentioning his name if she does not wish to face the consequences of his anger.

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