I’m waiting for my ring and the drinks – Medikal tells Fella

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Actress and entrepreneur Fella Makafui has publicly addressed the recent social media outburst by her estranged husband, rapper Medikal.

In a press statement, Fella revealed that she and Medikal amicably ended their marriage several months ago.

She expressed dismay over Medikal’s decision to publicly air grievances, which she claims has significantly tarnished her reputation.

According to Fella, Medikal’s recent rant on Snapchat has launched a “smear campaign” against her, prompting her to seek legal counsel.

Fella clarified that she has decided to take legal action against Medikal. Despite the tumultuous events, Fella thanked friends and loved ones for their unwavering support during this challenging period.

In a quick response, Medikal has reacted to Fella Makafui’s statement.

He shared his feelings on the press release and added a caption that has raised questions among fans.

It seems the two former lovebirds are dealing with their issues on social media.

Medikal stated that if Fella no longer wants their marriage, he has no problem with it, but he expects her to return his ring and drinks, indicating he is ready to call it off officially once these items are returned.

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